HAL School Lucknow


1) Admission Notice
a) In Feb. first week notice published for nursery, KG to 9th and 11th admission.
b) There is no admission in 10th and 12th directly.
c) First come and first serve basis. Seats are limited.
d) The age for admission to various classes shall be regulates as incited below-:

Classes Age
Nursery 3 Years
K.G. 4 Years
Class I 5 Years
Class I 6 Years
Class I 7 Years
Class IV 8 Years
Class I 9 Years
Class VI 10 Years
Class VII 11 Years
Class VIII 12 Years
Class IX 13 Years
Class X 14 Years
Class XI 15 Years
Class XII 16 Years

e) Student who fails twice In the same class shall not be allowed to continue.

2) Admission Procedure
a) For nursery , KG on the basis of birth certificate, at the time of registration.
b) From first to 9th and 11th on merit basis and required to deposit their report cards/mark sheets and TC of previous school.
c) If you are registered and not taken admission registration charges will not be back.
d) After three days of registration if admission not taken it will be treated as cancelled.

3) Fee Structure
a) Registration fee – A) For non-Hal 250/-, B) For Hal 125/-
b) Admission Form Fee- A) For non- Hal 200/-, B) For Hal 100/-

FEE INSTALLMENT FOR HAL STUDENTS         Science Commerce & Arts
Duration of Deposition  Installment Nur/ KG  1st - 8th 9th - 10th 11th - 12th 11th - 12th
20 April to 30 April 1st Rs. 1390 Rs. 1505 Rs. 1530 Rs. 1450 Rs. 1390
1st July to 10th July 2nd Rs. 1200 Rs. 1335 Rs. 1350 Rs. 1260 Rs. 1200
1st Sep to 10th Sep 3rd Rs. 1200 Rs. 1335 Rs. 1350 Rs. 1260 Rs. 1200
1st Dec to 10th Dec 4th Rs. 1200 Rs. 1335 Rs. 1350 Rs. 1260 Rs. 1200
Note-: Computer fee for 11th & 12 instalment is Rs 150/- per installment


FEE INSTALLMENT FOR NON-HAL STUDENTS             Science Commerce & Arts
Duration of Deposition Installment Nur/ KG 1st - 3rd 4th - 5th 6th - 8th 9th - 10th 11th - 12th 11th - 12th
20 April to 30 April 1st Rs. 2300 Rs. 2750 Rs. 2900 Rs. 3500 Rs. 4050 Rs. 4350 Rs. 4200
1st July to 10th July 2nd Rs. 1500 Rs. 1950 Rs. 2100 Rs. 2400 Rs. 2850 Rs. 3150 Rs. 3000
1st Sep to 10th Sep 3rd Rs. 1500 Rs. 1950 Rs. 2100 Rs.  2400 Rs. 2850 Rs. 3150 Rs. 3000
1st Dec to 10th Dec 4th Rs. 1500 Rs. 1950 Rs. 2100 Rs. 2400 Rs. 2850 Rs. 3150 Rs. 3000
Note-: Computer fee for 11th & 12 installment is Rs 450/- per installment

Rules and regulations for fee payment
1) School fee is collected in four installments as shown.
2) Fee installments must be deposited till due dates, mentioned in fee book.
3) Account payee cheques (of local nationalized banks only) in favor of HAL School lko are accepted.
4) In case of delay in the submission of fee late fine @ Rs 10/- will be charged till the last day of the due month. After that Rs 5/- per day will be charged till 90 days, name will be struck off.
5) Extra charges of Rs 100/- along with regular late fine will be charged if cheques are dishonored. The total amount will be accepted through draft in favor of HAL school LKO
6) Duplicate fee book is issued on payment of Rs 100/-
7) In case name is struck off Rs 750/- (up to class 10th ) and Rs 1250/- (for 11th and 12th ) shall be charged.

4) Rules terms and conditions
A) Recommendation to the parents
a) The school expects the cooperation of parents. they must ensure that-
1) The children should come to school daily, punctually and in proper uniform
2) The children are provided with their prescribed books stationery / proper uniform and their fee is paid on time.
3) The children should do their home work regularly.
4) Parents are most welcome to approach the principal for their opinion , suggestions during regular visiting hours.
a) Parents can make their own remarks in the school diary for the information of the teachers.
b) Parents are advised not o allow their children to bring expensive articles in the school.
c) Parents are requested to respond timely to the reports and information send to then from the school.
d) Visiting hours of principle are from 1pm to 2pm daily
e) Parents are expected to go through their children diary daily, home works teachers remarks etc and assist their children in their home work for their proper development.
f) Parents should see the principle if they have any legitimate complaint against teacher.

B) School Discipline
1) Punctuality must strictly be observed by all the students.
2) Late coming students will not be allowed to enter in the school.
3) Students should be polite friendly and well behaved in and outside the school.
4) Students should be clean and neatly dressed in prescribed school uniform.
5) Irregular attendance, habitual negligence of studies, disobedience, lack of regards towards the teachers and unbecoming behavior will be strongly dealt with.
6) Students should bring their school diary daily.
7) No collection for any purpose whatsoever may be made without the previous sanction of the principal.
8) Students are expected to keep their parents informed I advance in case of delay in reaching home.
9) Students should never temper wit the entries made in their progress report and diary.
10) No student is to leave the school premises without obtaining written permission from principle.
11) Parents and guardians are not allowed to meet their children or to interview teachers during school hours without permission of the principle.
12) Students must attend physical education , games and other activities even after school hours, when required to do so, participation on such occasion will be deemed compulsory by the school since games and athletics plays an important role in their all round development.
13) No meeting demonstration party and picnic shall be arranged without the previous sanction of the principle.
14) Mobile phones/iPods are strictly banned in the school premises.

C) Library rules
All Library Rules given in the diary are strictly to be followed.