Course Offered

Course Offered

H.A.L. School one of the Best CBSE Board Schools in Lucknow provide education with an aim of making your child’s world better. We at H. A. L. School, believe that quality of teaching is of immense importance. Keeping this in mind we have divided the school into three sections having their separate in-charges and separate their buildings. Principal in senior school wing is heading each section to streamline the system and bring out the best in each child. These sections are :

1. Primary Section
2. Middle Section
3. Senior Section

1. Primary Section

"In the early years, no lession is more important for a child than just learning to enjoy learning."

We at H. A. L. School give a strong foundation to the child by making the most of the formative years in an ideal learning environment to experiment with new ideas and have new experiences. It is scientifically established that 50% of intelligence develops during 0 to 4 years. It has been proved that 90% brain develops in the first 6 years, hence this is the best time to focus on developing the overall personality.

The school encourages the children to develop at their own pace, First it provides a loving and caring environment for the children, Second it nurtures their needs., Third it fosters each child’s natural instinct to learn through fun – imaginative activities and focused instructions. The children are not forced to meet any specific educational goal in specified time i. e. Zero Stress.

Your child may be a hidden star! you never know. A wide range of interesting activities have been carefully planned to develop children’s gross and fine motor skills in their indoor and outdoor physical environment, which no other Elementary School in Lucknow provides. We have facilities to ensure that the teacher’s and the staff have the ideal tools and the equipment with which they give the very best to the children in their charge. Constant monitoring at all levels maintains our stringent quality standards. Our activities:

1. Dramatizing and Role play

2. Puppet Show

3. Group Games

4. Story Telling Nature Walks

5. Monkey, Bear Show etc.

6. Using Projects

TriCycle, Picture Charts, Flash Cards, Stick Puppets, Hand Puppets, Beads and Clay Puzzels, Blocks etc.

A look through your child’s eye will reveal that H. A. L. School is a child-friendly, safe, hygienic, purposefully, built and beautifully equipped school. We at H. A. L. School wish to preserve the excitement and wonder of childhood and make children experience the joy of learning to help them become education friendly and in effect life long learners. The entire school has been divided into playfull learning zones. We empower the child with vocabulary and help him/ her express better. H. A. L. School also tries to make the children feel confirtable and make the subject interesting and enjoyable. This creates enthusiasm and the children take active part to learn and experiment. The primary section in H.A.L. School is the best and better than that of other Primary Schools in Lucknow.

Subjects:- Classes I to V

English, Hindi, Mathematics, Environment Studies, Sanskrit, Computer, Art (S. U. P. W.), Music, G. K., Moral Science, Games/ Yoga.

2. Middle Section

As this is a transition period in the life of children, hence apart from academic our focus is on developing a strong sense of values, responsibility and integrity in the children. In order to so successfully, they are provided with a platform where they can express themselves freely and imbibe like qualities, with the help of various activities under the guidance of the staff.

Various inter house competitions, provided to the students, develop in them the power of decision making. Various sports & yoga activities which are a part of the normal school routine, inculcate in them the virtue of self discipline. The seeds of responsibility are sown in the children in order to help, develop their innate qualities of leadership.

The teacher acts as a facilitator in learning. The children are taught the values we hold influence the decisions and choices we make. It is only when we live consciously within an ethical frame work that can be truly happy.


Class VI to VIII

English, hindi, Sanskrit, mathematics, science, social studies, art, computer, moral science.

3. Senior Section AISSE

Class IX & X

H.A.L. School is a Senior Secondary Schools in Lucknow. We believe that the students at this stage are at the threshold of their career. Therefore stress is laid on result oriented education, and qualities like leadership and oratory are instilled in them to equip them with the skills required to face the challenges ahead in order to make them finer citizens of tomorrow. They are equipped with skills that help them to analyse ideas, feelings an d experiences effectively, speak with fluency and have a good command over English. Various activities like the Mathematics Olympiad, Science Olympiad, Group discussions etc. train them to reason effectively and logically and follow instructions with understanding, participation in fun time activities like Disney, High School Musical two trains them to interact with their peers and evaluate themselves in a relaxed environment. The students are also prepared for the NTSE by experts, along with their regular classes. If you want opportunities for lifelong learning for your child, then choose the best CBSE Higher Secondary School in Lucknow.

Classes IX & X Subjects

English,Hindi, maths, science, social science, information technology, art, education, life skills with attitudes and values., physical and health education


To learn is to go beyond the more accumulation of knowledge and to keep exploring beyond existing knowledge. A part from academic it is very important for student of AISSCE level to grow up in an environment which has a blend of co-curricular activities it, order to help the students in the development of their overall personality.

Students need to develop commitment discipline and a feeling of self worth. At this level a student needs to have not only knowledge but a sense of accountability as well. He should be respectful self driven and willing to learn constantly. We strike to impart to them a system of values, ethics and rules that will help add meaning to their actions when they put their learning to use.

Classes XI & XII Science stream

Compulsory subjects

English, physics, chemistry

Optional subjects (Any two)

Mathematics, biology, computer science, physical education, music, hindi

Commerce Stream

Compulsory subjects

English, accountancy, business studies, economics

Optional subjects (Any one)

Mathematics, computer science, physical education, hindi, music

Arts Stream

Compulsory subjects

English, economics, history, geography

Optional subjects (any one)

Physical education, music, hindi, computer science

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