Examination List

Primary Section
Class Duration Test/Exam
1 to 5 July 1st Assessment
1 to 5 August 2nd Assessment
Nursery to 5th October Half yearly
Nursery to 5th Feb-March Annual Exams

Middle Section
Class Duration Test/Exam
6th to 8th July 1st Assessment
6th to 8th August 2nd Assessment
6th to 8th October Half yearly
6th to 8th December 3nd Assessment
6th to 8th Feb-March Annual Exams

Senior Section
Class Duration Test/Exam
9th & 10th May Formative Assessment 1(FA 1)
9th & 10th August Formative Assessment 2(FA 2)
9th & 10th September SA 1(Quaterly)
9th & 10th Feb-March Formative Assessment 3(FA 3)
11th & 12th November Half yearly
9th & 10th January Formative Assessment 4(FA 4)
12th January Preboards
11th January Test
9th & 10th March Sa 2(Annual)
10th March Sa 2(Annual)

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